Cost Effective Computing Solutions for Anyone

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Computers have certainly changed the way the business world works. With the right solution, companies can cut costs and improve productivity. The trouble is, it can be hard for some companies to absorb the cost of purchasing their own computing solution. This is why hosted and managed solutions are a much better solution for large or small companies. Hosted solutions work a little differently than on-site solutions. Instead of having to invest in expensive computer hardware and software, business owners simply pay a flat monthly rate for the resources and software they need. Since the service can be scaled up or down as the needs of the company change, these services fit into almost any budget. The cost of purchasing an on-site solution and the staff for IT support can easily be twice as much or more per year.

The support services that are included in managed service plans are the biggest advantage of these kinds of services. Because the service provider owns the servers, they are responsible for upgrading and updating the hardware and software. Software as a service and support as a service plans can also be purchased. Because trained professionals install the software and hardware, the results are guaranteed. There's no need to buy expensive hardware, mass licensing for software, or to hire additional staff members. Everything is taken care of by the service provider and additional services only need to be purchased for special configurations and deployments.

Because the service provider is responsible for their own hardware, they also take care of security. Enterprise-class security is a huge advantage for any company. Typical antivirus software just isn't enough to protect most companies from malicious software, hackers, or advanced viruses. Security appliances take care of antivirus and antimalware for the server instance. This means less downtime and fewer instances of data loss or corruption. Between the advanced support, huge savings, and the benefit of trained professionals there's no question that a hosted solution is the best answer for most companies. For more information about the advantages of hosted solutions, business owners should contact a service provider directly and schedule a consultation to assess their needs.